The Best Lego Designs

Legos are toys, but they are also the source of incredible designs. LEGO artists make use of the tiny plastic bricks for everything from architecture to robots. Even the company’s engineers design new components that allow builders to create more intricate models. Erik Varszegi, a Master Builder who works for the Lego Group in Billund, Denmark developed a new element this year: the curved slope. It allows Lego users to design more slanted designs while staying within the strict color palette of the company. The slopes can be used to create more dynamic shapes, for example, a curving staircase.

Certain Lego sets are the result of the work of professional designers and others are the result of the wildly popular Lego Ideas program. The Ideas line lets anyone design a set and have it made, offering fame and a percentage of sales to any designer who can convince 10,000 peers that their design is worthy of being be made into a production. It’s not surprising that noels bricks the more extravagant and impressive sets typically garner the most attention particularly when they have iconic characters or scenes from TV shows, movies or from the real world.

Two space icons are among the top Lego models that are available: the NASA shuttle Discovery and the Hubble Telescope model. Each telescope includes a plaque to display and an exact Lego version of its inventor. Other impressive models are a framed rainbow, a steampunk dragon, and a replica of the Palace of Westminster.

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